When creating test for different features of your product you may need to start the test with a login to allow user access to some of the more important features.

So you do not need to logout and login before creating each of your individual tests you need to create a reusable login test. You can then choose to save this login test as the default login under your test settings.

To do this just go to the Test Settings > Defaults page and then click the Default Login Test dropdown. This will bring up all your tests, but you can scroll through or type to search for this reusable login test.

Also, when you are creating a new test you will have the option from the PreFlight extension recorder to choose the Login Test at the end of your test when saving. This filed will populate with your selected default login so if gives to a chance to change if you needed to use a different login test than your designated default.

Having a reusable default login test will save you time allowing you can make tests faster! Didn't answer your question? Have other questions? We have answers - drop us a message in the chat, or email: [email protected].

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