URLs or Environments?

Preflight only stores relative URLs and environments. This makes it easy to test on a QA environment and a dev environment. You add the URLs to the list of environments in Preflight and it's easy to switch between them.

e.g. dev.preflight.com vs staging.preflight.com 

Adding Environments

Firstly, if you create a test on an environment - we'll add it immediately. But if you're creating tests on dev and want to run them in production you may need to add an environment manually. 

Adding environments in Preflight is relatively simple:

  1. Go to Test Settings
  2. Click 'Environments'
  3. Enter the environment URL
  4. Click 'Add Environment'
  5. You're set

Now your environment will be available when it comes to running tests.

Running tests on different environment

By default, when you run tests, they'll run on the same environment you created them in. However you can override this when you run tests.

To do this:

  1. Go to all tests, or a group tests page
  2. Select the tests you want to run, or don't to run all tests
  3. Click "Run all/selected Tests"
  4. at the bottom of the test run settings you'll be able to change the environment.
  5. After you've changed the environment click 'Run Tests'.

And you're all set. 

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