Global Defaults

Tests in PreFlight have global defaults. Global defaults allow you to change the default settings of all tests. You can override these on a test-by-test basis. But generally we see most of our customers stick to global defaults in most situations. 

To set global defaults:

  1. Go to Test Settings
  2. Click 'Screen Sizes'
  3. Click the checkbox next to each resolution you'd like to test by default
  4. You're all set.

These settings will apply to all tests unless you're overriding them on a specific test. Here's how to do that:

Overriding Global Defaults

Once you've set your global defaults, you may find tests you want to run on more or fewer screen sizes than others. For example; specific functionality that has had issues in the past, or core functionality you want to test more thoroughly.

You can override defaults by:

  1. Go to the test you want to override
  2. Click the 'Screen Sizes' drop-down in the test settings (towards the top).
  3. Select all of the screen sizes you want
  4. You're set!

You can do this in bulk from the all tests or a group tests page using the bulk edit bar.

Running tests on non-default screen sizes

You can also run tests at any or all screen resolutions at any time as a one-off. To do this go to 'all tests' or a group tests page. Select the tests you want to run (or leave blank if you want them all. 

Then Click 'Run Tests' at the top right and select the screen sizes you want to run. Then click 'Run All Tests Now'.

And that's all there is to it.

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