Almost every test you record with PreFlight will be successful first time - that’s our secret sauce. However sometimes, especially when you’re running A/B tests, our system can’t replicate being a user - because our bots get a different experience every time they view your website. This is usually a very easy fix.

With PreFlight you can set a cookie to force yourself to the control or the test (or test variant, if you’re fancy) 

Written instructions below the video

Once a test is created it will pass or fail depending on which route of the AB Test was randomly assigned. Now we need to make sure it takes the correct path.

Go to the test page and click 'View/Edit Steps'.

Click on the first step.
Usually Go To https://yourapp....

Enter your Cookie's name and value

Save The Step

Now run the test a few times to make sure it chooses the correct path every time. (To do this quickly, select multiple browsers as shown in the video above.

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