TL;DR: Add users in Account Settings › Users

With PreFlight you can add up to 3 users on the Startup plan or 10 users on the Growth plan. More details on our pricing page.

Adding Users

To add a user, go to Account Settings and click Users.

Invite users by entering their full name and email address and clicking 'add user'.

PreFlight will then send the user an email to create an account. Once they do they'll be able to access your account. 


There are no user roles right now. So the user has the same access as you do with the exception that the account owner cannot be deleted from the user list. 

Once you've added a user you can see when they last logged in and you can delete their account. 

Deleting Users

Once on the users page (Account Settings › Users) you can delete any users you wish. 

To do this, just press the 'delete user' button next to the user you wish to delete. You will be asked to confirm before they are deleted. 

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